Embarking on a cleanse can feel intimidating, overwhelming or even frightening if its brand new to you. There are a lot of fad’s regarding cleanse out there and many of them lack scientific evidence and can be dangerous for the body especially if you already have any health issues. When done sensibly and with support a cleanse is safe, effective and quite transformational.

A cleanse is beneficial for everyone, no matter how healthy you feel your diet or lifestyle may be. Taking time to pause and allow your body to heal on a deeper level, is hugely important, especially in the toxic world we live in. Before you embark on a cleanse, here are some of the most common questions answered for you.

You are right! But given today’s environment, the organs (liver, kidney) whose primary function is detoxification, are now overloaded with several kinds of toxins. Our Cleanse aids in toxin removal, enhances the ability of these organs and supports detoxification.

This is actually up to you.

A 3 day cleanse is a great little reset for your body (if you do not have time).

A 7 day cleanse is wonderful, a longer duration cleanse maybe more helpful if you are looking to treat or address a certain health issue.

All our programs deliver excellent cellular level benefits.

New Life (3 days program)–Opt for a quick cleanse

For an optimal cleanse select our 7 day deep cellular level cleanse programs:

TTT (Taming the Toxins – designed on the guidelines of Ayurvedic Panchakarma &Panchabhuta) – best suited for reversing lifestyle disorders, targets sluggish organs and detoxifies the whole system from head to toe, general cleanse.

pH Balance (designed on the principles of Naturotherapy and an integrated approach)-best suited to reset hormonal imbalance (PMS, PCOD, Peri/Post menopausal afflictions, Thyroid issues), Stubborn weight, Acid-Alkaline balance and to weed out the root cause of organ degeneration and dysfunction.

Diabetes Reversal - best suited to reverse type 2 diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Genetic diabetes predisposition

You will feel the difference before, between and after the cleanse program, but you may actually feel a little discomfort (if you have any addictions), before things improve. This is entirely normal. The programs have been carefully designed to give powerful results and are supported with healthy lifestyle recommendations to maximize the benefits post cleanse.

The following individuals should not undertake our cleanse programs

  • Had recent surgeries
  • Active gastric ulcers
  • Hernia
  • Bleeding piles, fissures
  • Epilepsy-fits/Black outs
  • On Steroid medication
  • Chronic Liver or Kidney diseases/ ailments
  • Cardiac ailments (have stents, on high dose blood thinners…)
  • Elderly or infirm persons (Aged above 65 years)
  • Children (Aged below 15 years)
  • Individuals in the advanced stages of any serious disease
  • Mentally challenged (including severe depression), Physically challenged
  • Menstruating women (During menstrual cycle)
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Pregnant women

I think you already know the answer to this! Do you want to add toxins while removing toxins, and experience discomfort?


Gluten and other proteins (fructans…) in wheat, barley, rye; cholesterol, hormones, lactose in animal protein (including dairy); Caffeine from teas,coffees….cause inflammation in the Gut.

Inflammation results in a leaky gut, triggering an array of health issues especially autoimmune. Because science and medicine around this problem are in their infancy, people frequently aren’t aware that intolerances to grains or other foods could be responsible for issues they’ve been dealing with, such as headaches, congestion, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

The food provided to you during the cleanse offer plenty of sustenance throughout the day and you will be surprised at just how little hunger you may encounter!

Everyone is different on a cleanse. You may indeed lose weight (depends on your hormonal health). The cleanse is intended as a healthy lifestyle transformation and not a quick weight loss fix. One of the great benefits of cleansing is reduced food cravings which will help you to make healthier food choices after the cleanse and keep yourself looking and feeling terrific!

There are many benefits that come with a cleanse, here are some of the most common:

Prevention / reversal of lifestyle disorders, improved blood biochemistry,stronger immunity, improved quality of life, increased energy, radiant glowing skin, mental clarity, balanced emotions, assistance in losing stagnant weight, new healthy habits & routines, improved longevity…

Strictly No! Only individuals who registered for the cleanse program are allowed to stay at TCT.

Strictly No! During the cleanse it is not recommended to even share the washrooms with others.

Your journey to wellness with our cleanse begins with the at-home Preparatory phase (10 days prior the program. Followed by Acceleratory phase at TCT and Transformational phase post cleanse). You will receive a prior preparatory kit – including a leaflet with instructions for important lifestyle modifications that MUST be properly followed prior coming for the cleanse.

Absolutely!!!Post covid/vaccination many individuals have reported changes in their bloodchemistry (even though they looked pretty normal on the outside). A simple blood test which covers a few parameters and scans are mandatory. All the tests will help us analyze and assist you better on your road of recoveryand good health.
*Trust worthy diagnostics to get your tests done.

Strictly No!Taking time to pause and allow your body to heal on a deeper level, is hugely important, during a cleanse.

Once checked in participants are advised not to leave the premises during the program.