An exotic seamless wellness retreat awaits You.
Reset your body through cellular cleansing, Toxin elimination & unveil a New You




The Curing Tree, an SGA’s wellness center that has been serving various participants for decades on invitation, has now opened its doors to all. A team of dedicated and inspired practitioners work together to personalize your health care.

Treatment Programs focus on the approach that work inside out, involving Waste elimination, Organ cleansing & Health restoration, enabling body to work  optimally & heal naturally.

It is not just about eating the right food, it’s about treating your body in a right way too, with Yoga, exercises & meditation.

Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!


At this mystical escape –

Renew your body with our delectable food (experience something nurturing & nourishing, different from your traditional, day-to-day meals).

Relax and De-stress in the heart of nature.

Rejoice through your soul with yoga, art, dance and much more….

“As the body and mind will react to the cleansing and detoxification process, we will be right here making sure that you are comfortable and secure throughout your stay. Each day you will witness yourself going through an amazing process of change, affecting the way you see and live your life!

Detoxification is a profound method of healing oneself naturally and in order to do it properly; we recommend that you make a plan to take to physical, emotional and mental rest during your program.

Why you need a cleanse?

Our body already does a fantastic job at balancing health and maintaining ease, when the fine balance tips off due to an overflow of toxin interferences, it leads to dis-ease.

Because of our “Modern Lifestyles” excess toxins and chemicals from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink accumulate in our bodies leading to ill health over time.

Globally, one in every ten people suffer with some type of skin, liver, bile duct or gall bladder, colon disorders involving a poor outlook.

While we get our vehicles serviced regularly, we do not spare the same kind of time and effort, to get our physical body serviced. Instead of using it, we tend to abuse it pushing it to its limits. The body does not complain but throws up various illnesses or masks diseases like a ticking timebomb.

During our programs, you have the opportunity to support and improve your organ function as naturally as possible.

Choose Your



New Life

A quick fix matching your busy schedule 3 Days stay @ TCT , Including Colon Cleansing, Fasting , juicing, Detox Ayurvedic supplements, alternative treatments.

Taming the Toxins

7 days cellular level cleansing program designed on the guidelines of Panchakarma & Panchabhuta effectively promoting tridosha balance, liver, kidney, lung, skin, blood, gut and colon detoxification.

pH Hormone Balance

14 days deep cellular level cleansing program designed on the principles of Naturotherapy with an integrated approach, effectively promoting body’s Acid-Alkaline balance to weed out the root cause of hormonal imbalance (PMS, PCOD, Per/Post menopausal issues, Thyroid afflictions, Prostatomegaly), stubborn weight, organ degeneration and dysfunction.

Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes De-coded.
A 21 days retreat designed to defeat Type 2 diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Genetic diabetes pre-disposition with a healthy lifestyle.
Effectively promotes insulin sensitization with proven clinical investigations

How our cleanse programs work?

Our programs entail, Gut cleanse to purge liver fat, cholesterol deposits, gallstones, drug residues, and toxic waste it has stored through the years.

The state of your gut has a huge bearing upon how well you live, how long you will live and how you will look and feel!

All our programs offer the most natural and efficient way to maintain metabolic balance, which generates weight loss, body realignment, general fitness and wellbeing, while cleansing your body.





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